Free download Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables V3.3.8

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Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables V3.3.8

Key Features

Easy to Use Admin Interface – Edit your tables quickly and swiftly with our clean UI. There are help texts, colours, icons to help you in the efficient navigation.

Various Media Types – Make your tables more unique and engaging by adding content types like: Audio, Video or Map.

Google Fonts – Take full use of the complete Google font set and find the best matching one to your site.

2000+ Font Icons – Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon & Material Icons give you scalable vector icons that can be instantly customized, and they will look gorgeous on high-resolution displays.

Live Preview – This function will enable you to see how your will look Pricing Table in real time.

Bulk Actions – You can perform various operations on the dashboard with multiple tables, like: cloning, exporting, deleting.

Column Animations – Give some vibe to your tables! Choose any of the 39 amazing transitions for each and every column according to your taste.

Customisable Responsivity – Thanks to the various configuration options you can make sure that your table provides the best possible experience on any device.

Import & Export functions – You can swiftly import demo tables, create or restore backups, and move your data between sites.

Built-in Plugin Update – You can keep your installed version up to date and utilise all the latest fixes, features and improvements.

Small Footprint – You can ensure that the content is only loaded when it is necessary.

v3.3.8 – Sept 5, 2017

[FIX] Fix for lagging during scroll on Chrome
[FIX] Encoding issue bugfix for “Fixing broken HTML” functionality
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved use of TweenMax to avoid issues/conflicts when multiple instances are present
[IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to disable (not load) TweenMax for faster page load
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved, configurable public asset management – starting from this version by default CSS & JavaScript files are loaded only when necessary

v3.3.7 – May 3, 2017

[FIX] Minor backend and frontend JavaScript fixes
[IMPROVEMENT] Changed the colorpicker layout in the popup for better usability
[IMPROVEMENT] Removed IOS tap highlight effects
[IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to set custom symbol for currencies
[IMPROVEMENT] Added support for Font Awesome 4.7 with 41 new icons
[IMPROVEMENT] Added an option to enable fixing broken HTML codes inside tables

v3.3.6 – March 9, 2017

[FIX] Fix for incorrect height calculation in jQuery 3.x versions
[FIX] Minor backend and frontend CSS and JavaScript fixes
[CHANGE] H1 tag replaced with H2 tags in Classic & Clean 13 Styles for better SEO results
[IMPROVEMENT] Added ALT attribute support for image ribbons for better SEO results
[IMPROVEMENT] Added support for Google Map v3 API key
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved support for mouse/touch hybrid devices


Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables V3.3.8 download

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