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Responsive Magento Amazon Theme

Magento Amazon Theme is designed to provide sufficient space for ecommerce businesses requiring a lot of space to display products on their website. The theme has Amazon imitated features, very responsive with unique styles and functions that make your site look like a clone Amazon Website.

Magento Amazon theme has product sliders on home page which basically increases the capacity of your store and provides a lot of information to customers. The theme possesses additional features that significantly enhance shopping experiences for shoppers. It is 100% compatible with all smart devices such as tablet, blackberry, iPhones or any smart devices.

There are many useful applications such as register, pop-up log-in; product display slider and drop-down list to grand customers a satisfying shopping experience. Additionally, it integrates default plug-ins in a unique way to bring the brand-new look of a Magento theme.


Responsive Magento Amazon Theme download

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