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Magento Garden Theme

When comes to a garden tool store, the first thing you catch is a lot of tools and equipments displayed on shelves without any instruction or introduction. You will find out it’s annoying and inconvenient when you have to ask shopper for price and details of every product that you may not purchase. These reasons can stop clients exploring your products unless your store is highly interactive.

Magento Garden Theme is well-arranged with the perfect combination of interface design and functional features making the theme be tidy and fascinating. The theme greatly enhances the function of managing user menu by using pop-up instead of new page before. Actions are also minimized with hover effects applied to language, currency converter, photo gallery, quick view, zoom-in…

This theme also helps your customers to get a closer approach to product by using a full-width lively slideshow and vertical promotional banners. Obviously, people will get ideas through images easier than words, so the Magento Garden Theme is designed with powerful mega menu that enlarged its capacity. More custom blocks help to enrich the web’s content making it be informative with blog, news, articles or photo gallery…


Magento Garden Theme download

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