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iTech Responsive Hi-Tech Theme

This responsive Magento theme is especially designed for Hi-Tech eCommerce sites. iTech charms with its flat look, sleek design, clean block layout and powerful features.

Fully responsive Magento theme

iTech is mobilized perfectly to captivate your shoppers when they are on the go.

Responsive Magent theme iTech feature
Off-canvas menu

A must-have feature for any responsive Magento theme, in which shoppers can easily navigate your store without any difficult.

Responsive Magent theme iTech feature
Supports Mega Menu

A drop-down megamenu where you can show off all your product categories in a neat way and also have space for promoting featured products as well as laying promotion banners.

Responsive Magent theme iTech feature
Unlimited color customization

There are no limits how you can customize the theme in term of colors and content. Magento Basetheme supports you completely in theme customization.

Responsive Magent theme iTech feature
Accordion effect in Product page

With accordion effect in product info page, product info is displayed into different sections and save space.

Responsive Magent theme iTech feature
Supports multiple languages and currencies

Make sure that your site is ready for foreign customers in their languages and currencies.


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