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Cetus Responsive Magento Theme

Cetus is a Magento Theme Fashion . It is designed for a gift shop, souvenir,..It’s designed sexy and attractive style, perfectly fits for your souvenir store. It comes with a product slideshow, very attractive graphics, and it is one of the most stylish magento themes available for your gift shop.
This magento theme is not only fun in design style, but it was also very useful for your business. The necessary information for your customers (product discounts, new products, featured products, ..) are always updated quickly through the smart labels, promotional images. This help your customers more choice.

This theme is very easy to customize so it could help you to instantly have a beautiful and powerful souvenirs shop online.With a unique blend of fine art and extremely unique color tones, this Cetus Magento Theme is a combination of both romantic and classical themes. You will be proud to have this theme represent your online business and your customers will fully appreciate it’s unique artistic beauty.
Responsive Web Design ensures the theme works well on any devices (from PC to tablet, laptop or mobile). With it, the site will automatically resize to a suitable resolution when visitors change browsers screen size or from tablet to Pc or any other devices. A slideshow with remarkable visual effects and transitions will makes all visitors surprise about your prominent products. Vertical menu is easier for visitor to surf and find products. Plus, we integrate Custommenu which allows you to add as many columns or levels as you want. Cetus theme also has many other powerful tools that help you improve website management efficiency and sales output.


Cetus Responsive Magento Theme download

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